Hoseili XGB11 Wireless Earbuds: True Freedom with Bluetooth 5.0

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 Hoseili XGB11 Wireless Earbuds: True Freedom with Bluetooth 5.0

Experience full independence with the Hoseili XGB11 Wireless Earbuds. Enjoy superior audio quality and easy Bluetooth 5.0 communication. Buy right now!

Hoseili XGB11 Wireless Earbuds

 Hoseili XGB11 Wireless Earbuds

With the arrival of wireless earphones, the world of audio technology has been transformed. These little gadgets give a smooth and trouble-free audio experience, removing the need for tangled connections and letting customers to listen to music or podcasts on the go. The Hoseili XGB11 is an outstanding pair of wireless earbuds that represents the full freedom of wireless listening. These earbuds are meant to improve your listening experience with innovative features and improved sound quality.

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About this item

  • Wireless earbuds that link quickly and reliably:One-step pairing, two headsets from the charging box may instantly connect to each other, and you can just enter the Bluetooth setup of the mobile phone to pair the earbuds in only one step.
  • IPX5 Protection and Wireless True Stereo Experience: You will no longer be bothered by cords or tangled connections with a wireless design. It's ideal for running, jogging, cycling, and working out at the gym, and you won't have to worry about Bluetooth headphones getting mixed up with your hair. IPX5 waterproofing protects your headphones from perspiration, water, and rain.
  • Longer playback duration and a portable charging case: Because of its low power consumption, fully charged Bluetooth headphones may play music in standby mode for 3-4 hours without interruption and charge for 120 hours in standby mode. Compact and lightweight charger with built-in 0.66 Wh battery that can charge Bluetooth headphones up to 5 times (completely charged in around 1-2 hours).

  • Excellent Sound Quality:These Bluetooth headphones catch all the nuances of the song and deliver rich sounds with crisp treble and adequate bass thanks to the high-sensitivity Bluetooth 5.0 antenna and high-sensitivity speaker. Whether you're listening to music or making phone conversations, the 6.0 noise cancellation technology eliminates ambient noise and echoes and provides excellent sound reproduction.
  • Ergonomic design and wearability: very low weight (just 0.18 oz). In addition, the ergonomic design ensures a secure and pleasant fit for every ear. Wireless headphones with delicate wing tips by Bloothooth. Premium silicone earplugs that fit exactly in your ears and give optimum comfort.
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